457 Texan Rifle Tuned 1
457 Texan Rifle Tuned 1
457 Texan Rifle Tuned 2
457 Texan Rifle Tuned 3
457 Texan Rifle Tuned 4
457 Texan Rifle Tuned 5
Airforce Big Bore Texan .457
Airforce Texan Chamber
Airforce Texan Trigger
Airforce Texan Gauge
SWFA Scope Pattern

45 Caliber Rifle Texan PCP Air Rifle. Texan with the Alpha tuning will shoot under one inch at 50 yards.

Easy to load and simple to use, this Big Bore air rifle will let you focus on hunting with the knowledge you have enough power to get the job done.

500 ft lbs energy,

34" barrel accuracy is 1" or less at 50 yards depending on the type of bullets used. 

Provides greater flexibility for all large game.

As with all PCP rifles, an external air supply is needed but not supplied with the rifle.

Hear the difference yourself with the Short Shroud. YOUTUBE 

AirForce News Release

"While we found that some of the custom ammunition performed amazingly well, we felt that we needed standard production ammunition to recommend to our customers," commented AirForce CEO and Founder John McCaslin. "We found that the projectiles from Hunters Supply performed consistently and reliably"

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457 Texan Rifle available with the below options;

45 Caliber Rifle Texan Tuned $1,400.00

457 Texan Tuned with Short Shroud $1,549.99

457 Texan Tuned with Long Stock $1,674.00

457 Texan Tuned with Short Stock $1,674.00

457 Texan Tuned w/Short Stock & Shroud $1,823.99

457 Texan Tuned w/Long Stock & Shroud $1,823.99

457 Texan Tuned w/RJ-6A $1,854.00

457 Texan Tuned w/RJ-6A & Shroud $2,003.99

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