I am a professional hunter in South Africa and have seen 1000’s of animals shot in my life. I know what projectiles I want my rifle hunters to use. I also worked as a Wildlife manger in Washington State for 12 years. My primary responsibility was removing problem bears. I run a bear hunting and guide business and removed them in the 100’s.Recently with the ammo shortage I was searching for a dependable source of bullets. Hunters Supply PHP looked interesting and were available with the shipping included made the prices very clear. I bought 500 44 Cal 240 grain FP and PHP. It was 9:00 after tracking for many hours I started crawling and sliding down a steep hill under a dark ceiling of leaves, wearing Blackberry thorns like Velcro to my clothing. Adrenaline flowing, while hanging onto a branch to keep from sliding on top of the bear, I held steady and shot that bear. Thank goodness for a double action revolverat this point. It’s these kinds of moments in my life that create the need for a very good bullet.The HP bullets though......... wow, what an attitude changer they are! I shoot them at 1250 fps and mushroomed perfectly, they are simply brilliant!

Thanks, Jim Hackiewicz www.huntingadventures.net


Hello, I took the buffalo with the Airforce Texan that was tuned by Hunter Supply with the shroud and Hunter Supply 435 grain bullets there were five shots. The guide said as long as you can keep shooting keepshooting don't just watch him die so the first shot a double Longden, second shot double lung game. third shot shining through the heart, fourth shot I hit him on the elbow cuz he took a step and it went in front of the heart, the V and last shot with no refill, I shot him below the ear cuz he turned his head and it went through the skull and the Cape Cod it below the eye on the far side and it dropped him like a ton of bricks. I recovered three of the bullets the two that are still long were the double long shots caught in the Hyde on the far side one through both lungs the one that's all smashed up that was the fifth shot that went through the skull  the one that went through the heart and hit the elbow those two were pastors did not recover them ..... I am legally blind  totally blind in my right eye  so the one picture you see the contraption that I had to rig up to make this possible and still shoot right-handed  I got an ATN scope  when HDMI  out to a splitter one went to a pair of DJI goggles for flying drones and the other one went to his small monitor so the guy could see and make sure I was making good shots  it all went perfect 

Thanks, Rick Butler