I am a professional hunter in South Africa and have seen 1000’s of animals shot in my life. I know what projectiles I want my rifle hunters to use. I also worked as a Wildlife manger in Washington State for 12 years. My primary responsibility was removing problem bears. I run a bear hunting and guide business and removed them in the 100’s.

Recently with the ammo shortage I was searching for a dependable source of bullets. Hunters Supply PHP looked interesting and were available with the shipping included made the prices very clear. I bought 500 44 Cal 240 grain FP and PHP.

It was 9:00 after tracking for many hours I started crawling and sliding down a steep hill under a dark ceiling of leaves, wearing Blackberry thorns like Velcro to my clothing. Adrenaline flowing, while hanging onto a branch to keep from sliding on top of the bear, I held steady and shot that bear. Thank goodness for a double action revolver at this point. It’s these kinds of moments in my life that create the need for a very good bullet. The HP bullets though......... wow, what an attitude changer they are! I shoot them at 1250 fps and mushroomed perfectly, they are simply brilliant!

Thanks, Jim Hackiewicz www.huntingadventures.net

Having done so well on the 50 yard range. I decided to fire my last two rounds on the 100 yard. Given my 76 year old eyes, an 1881 Marlin in .38-55 (mfr. 1881), and Hunters Supply 260 Gr.FN (.381) the results were amazing - a one inch group. I also use the Hunters Supply 40 Caliber 180 grain FP .401 in my 1889 Marlin chambered for the .38-40 cartridge. I have shot nice groups at 40 yards, but haven't done anything at 100 yards, I'll be back.

Thanks, Al


Ben's Hog Hunt with Hunters Supply 45 Caliber Round Ball. Great Job! smiley


Airgun Hobbyist Magazine has a great article on Airforce Airguns Condor with Hunters Supply Cast Lead 25 Caliber 48 grain hollow points by Luke Clayton. Check it out!  Justin Foster, I took this hog with one of you guys 457 caliber rounds from 70 yards in a helicopter. I will be recommending them to all my fellow hunters! Keep up the good work!!
Condor 25 Caliber with Hunters Supply 48 grain HP Texan with Hunters Supply .457 bullet  Hunters Supply use time proven alloy blend for smokeless powder, black powder and now a new blend for Air Rifles all at affordable price with USPS free shipping.
Man with Gun Hunter with Gun and Deer Hunter with deer and Gun
Luke Clayton, Hunting Editor for Airgun Hobbist Magazine published on Texas Hunt Fish using Air Force Airgun in 25 Caliber shooting the 48 grain HP by Hunters Supply Luke Clayton, Hunting Editor for Airgun Hobbist Magazine, Aoudad hunt published on Texas Hunt Fish with the "Texan" using Hunters Supply 45 Caliber 350 grain FP. Luke Clayton Axis with Hunters Supply Round Ball.
Hunter Supply flat nose AndrewVillani 2015ShotShowTonJones2015ShotShow
 I love your .251 flat nose airgun bullets for my Airforce Condor! Also, thank you so much for the fast shipping! You have phenomenal prices. Again, Thank you so much for the great service! Andrew Villani 2015 Shot Show Tom Jones with the "Texan" using Hunters Supply 45 Caliber 350 grain FP and 45 Caliber 166 grain FP.
Hunter with Hourse Hunter at riverr

Hunter with deer

45 LC, 328 gr. LFN 475, 412 gr. FP 44, 240 gr. SWC
KeckBuffalo keckturkey


475, 412 gr. FP 475, 412 gr. FP

44, 240 gr. SWC

Keckhavalina Keckbobcat


475, 412 gr. FP 475, 412 gr. FP

460 S&W, 250 gr. FP

Target45RB143 %20gr% 20PHP Deer
45 Sam Yang 909 Hunters Supply's CSB 143 RB at 75 Yards. Unbelievable Accuracy from this air rifle by Manuel Ramirez in Cotulla, Texas. Air Gun 38 Caliber 115 gr. PHP Alligator 460 S&W 275 gr FP Deer
Air Gun 30 Caliber 171 grain FP Deer 35 Caliber 246 grain FP Deer	Caliber
Air Gun 30 Caliber 171 grain FP Deer 35 Caliber 246 grain FP Deer 30 Caliber 193 grain FP Elk
grain Blackout Elk Air Gun 45 Cal grain FP Elk
30 Cal 238 grain Blackout Elk Air Gun 45 Cal 205 grain FP Elk 30 Caliber 193 grain FP Elk

Hunter with Deer

Pestal with bullets


hunter with gun
Here is a 5 point I shot today using your 10 mm 180 grain lead bullet, using a EAA 10 mm. The deer was seventy yards away and I put the red dot square in the middle of his neck. Thanks for making such an accurate bullet. Thanks, Capt Jim Hammond Jim@shootingwithjim.com
Air Gun 38 Cal 190 grain FP
air gun 	Rams 45 Cal 166 gr FP 45 Cal 310 FP
Air Gun 25 Caliber Marauder 48 grain HP Rams 45 Cal 166 gr FP 45 Cal 310 FP
deer meet Hunter with gun enjoy Hunter with deer
Testing of Hunters Supply 500 Linebaugh 420 grain FP Cow Hip Bone at the Linebaugh seminar. Air Gun 45 Cal 510 grain FP Buffalo Air Gun 45 Cal 520 grain RN Kudua