A Power Tune for all Texan 1
A Power Tune for all Texan 1
A Power Tune for all Texan 2
Airforce Texan PCP Big Bore Air Rifle
Target 457 Caliber 350 grain BTFP

New for 2019 Power Tune for all Texans!

Send your Texan to unlock the Utlitmate Accuracy and Energy that is hidden in your Texan with the New Power Tune!

Power tune service includes;

  1. Fire lapping the barrel for a smoother internal barrel uniformity. 
  2. Fixing chamber lenght to make sure they are uniform for bullet lenghts.
  3. Crowning barrel for a uniform exit of the bullet everytime.
  4. Liquid/Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge that is easy to read. Power tune allows you to fill up to 300 bars.
  5. Include a 4500 PSI alminium air tank.
  6. New hard rifle case made in the USA.
  7. Modern Spartan System Kit.
  8. Free return Shipping to the lower 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii will be additional shipping for air.

Turn around time is less than 7 days.

Power tuned better performance! 

  • Power tune 257 Rifle, LSS max velocity 1258 fps 48 grain HP bullet, max energy 243 ft/lbs 105 gr BTFP


  • Power tune 30 Carbine, SS max velocity 1240 fps Round Ball, max energy  299 ft/lbs 198 BTFP 
  • Power tune 30 Rifle, LSS max velocity 1358 fps Round Ball, max emergy 415 ft/lbs 198 BTFP
  • Power tune 357 Carbine, SS max velocity 1071 fps, Round Ball, max energy 289 ft/lbs 212 BTFP
  • Power tune 357 Rifle, LSS max velocity 1154 fps Round Ball, max energy 289 ft/lbs 212 BTFP
  • Power tune 457 Carbine, SS max velocity 973 fps Round ball, max energy 518 ft/lbs 500 SP.
  • Power tune 457 Rifle, LSS max velocity 1103 fps 147 gr Round Ball, max energy 769 ft/lbs 520 BTFP with new TX2 Valve and new 4500 Aluminium Air Tank.
Other Option available includes, Mad Dog Custom Rifle Stock (Short, Long, RJ), Scope (wtih rings and mount) and Short Shroud for muzzle blast reduction, and our new Booster Pump that will increase the shot count of your air supply. 
Power tune SS or LSS customers are reporting Lead Dust being pushed back throught the entire action, therfore if you wish to order the power tune service for your SS or LSS, we will discard the factory shroud and recommend adding a short shroud design to collect lead dust inside the short shroud which will be keeping the lead dust out of your action and away from your face. Warning Lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects (or other reproductive harm). under Proposition 65
No international service provided. This is a custom service and is non-refundedable. No warranties implied or expressed.

Available Options;

Power Tune for Texan $600.00

Available Options:

Short Shroud:




Booster Pump:

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